How RediCamp takes the rough out of ‘roughing it’.

We used to camp in the mountains during the long and hot Phoenix summers. Camping always involved a lot of work. Packing everything we needed such as tents, tables, chairs, portable toilet, our belongings, etc. Then everything had to be cleaned, packed and hauled back in our tiny car. Then the equipment gathered dust in our closet until the next camping trip. While up in the mountains one day, I thought how nice it would be if all this stuff could be set up for us. Putting up the tents, tables, chairs, taking away the trash, emptying the toilets, and cleaning them for us throughout the weekend. They can even watch the camp for us while we went hiking, geocaching, or swimming for a few hours, without having to worry about the campsite. Then, when it’s time to go, someone else cleans the equipment, taking it all down and hauling it away, without us having to lift a finger. That’s how RediCamp.com LLC was born. A better idea in camping fun. Our RediCamp Camp Concierges do all the work, while you and your fellow adventurers, have all the fun. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

About RediCamp

Why Choose RediCamp?

Camping can be fun if you don’t have to do all the work involved. That’s why we started RediCamp.com LLC. We do the work and you have the fun!

Want to enjoy the great outdoors but don’t want to buy, pack, set up, clean, take down, haul the trash, empty/clean the toilets and then haul it all back to store in your already crowded garage? That’s NOT easy! That’s why we started RediCamp.com LLC.


What We Do

RediCamp.com LLC does it all for you. Your background-checked Camp Concierge does all the work so you don’t have to do all that heavy work. We set up tents, inflate the mattresses, ready the tables and chairs, provide bottled water, dining canopy, trash cans, lanterns and set up the toilets and hand washing stations. Then our Camp Concierge services the toilets, hand washing stations and trash for you, so you can relax, fish, hike, bike or whatever you want, to your heart’s content.  Your Camp Concierge will be nearby and can be called for servicing your camp using the provided walkie-talkie.

We Do The Work. You Have The Fun.